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Photo Canvas

Print your favourite photo on a canvas to serve as a memory or a decoration on your house walls and wow your friends, relatives and guests! Eliminating frames, photo canvasses are glare free and it makes your photos look more artistic and classy in a space. AsahiArts Printing offers personalised fine quality yet affordable photo canvas printing. You are very much welcomed to visit our sales gallery for sample viewing!




  • High quality double weaved polycotton
• Water resistant

Solid Wood Frame

Wooden Frame
• Made with 100% Pinus Sylvestris
• Tightly constructed

Matte Canvas

• High density canvas
• Scratch & moisture resistant



Photo Canvas Sizes


Canvas Size-01
30cm x 30cm
Canvas Size-02
60cm x 60cm
Canvas Size-03
100cm x 100cm
Canvas Size-04
50cm x 70cm
Canvas Size-05
60cm x 90cm
Canvas Size-06
90cm x 120cm
Canvas Size-07
30cm x 80cm





Canvas Size Ratio in Real Life

 *Assume that the sofa is 305cm wide




Canvas Size Compared to Sofa 1
60cm x 60cm
Canvas Size Compared to Sofa 2
100cm x 100cm
Canvas Size Compared to Sofa 3
30cm x 80cm
Canvas Size Compared to Sofa 4
70cm x 50cm
Canvas Size Compared to Sofa 5
90cm x 60cm
Canvas Size Compared to Sofa 6  
90cm x 120cm




Canvas Layout Inspiration




Layout 3.1
3 Canvasses Combination-01
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,B,C = 30x30 195.00
A,B,C = 60x60 390.00
A,B,C = 100x100 840.00
Layout 3.2
3 Canvasses Combination-02
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,B,C = 50x70 495.00
A,B,C = 60x90 540.00
A,B,C = 90x120 840.00
Layout 3.3
3 Canvasses Combination-03
Size (cm) Total (RM)

A,C = 60x90; B= 90x120

Layout 3.4
3 Canvasses Combination-04
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,C = 50x70; B = 60x90 510.00
A,C = 60x90; B = 90x120 640.00
Layout 4.1
4 Canvasses Combination 1
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,B,C,D = 30x30 195.00
A,B,C,D = 60x60 390.00
Layout 4.2
4 Canvasses Combination 2
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,B,C,D = 50x70 660.00
A,B,C,D = 60x90 720.00
Layout 4.3
4 Canvasses Combination 3
Size (cm) Total (RM)

A,D = 60x90; B,C = 50x70

Layout 4.4
4 Canvasses Combination 4
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A = 60x90; B,C,D = 30x30 375.00



Layout 5.1
5 Canvasses Combination 1
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,B,C,D = 60x60; E = 60x90 700.00
Layout 5.2
5 Canvasses Combination 2
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A = 60x60; B,C,D = 60x90 850.00
Layout 6.1
6 Canvasses Combination 1
Size (cm) Total (RM)

A,C = 50x70; B = 60x90; D,E,F = 30x30

Layout 6.2
6 Canvasses Combination 2
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,C,E = 30x30; B,D,F = 60x60 585.00



Layout 7.1
Canvasses Combination 7
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,B,D,E,G = 50x70; C,F = 30x30 955.00
Layout 9.2
Canvasses Combination 9
Size (cm) Total (RM)
A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I = 30x30 585.00





Photo Canvas Inspiration



Canvas Inspiration
Photos of a same theme
Canvas Inspiration - Hotel Decoration F
Hotel Room Decoration
Canvas Inspiration - Boutique
Exhibit your best works
Canvas Inspiration - Restaurant Heritage
Showcase your restaurant's heritage
Canvas Inspiration - Product Showcase
Product Promotion
Canvas Inspiration - Living Room Decor
Display artwork in an unique way
Canvas Inspiration - Family Photo
Family Photo
Canvas Inspiration - BFF Collage
Best Friend Photo Collage
Canvas Inspiration - Bedroom
Celebrate important events
Canvas Inspiration - Family Collage 2  
Family Collage
 Canvas Inspiration - Staircase
Staircase Decoration





Our Rates (Member)




Printing + Frame Unit Price (RM)
30cm x 30cm / 12"x12" 65.00
60cm x 60xm / 24"x24" 130.00
100cm x 100cm / 36"x36" 280.00
30cm x 80cm / 12"x31" 120.00
50cm x 70cm / 20"x28" 165.00
60cm x 90cm / 24" x 36" 180.00
90cm x 120cm / 36" x 48" 280.00


Printing Only Unit Price (RM)
30cm x 30cm / 12"x12" 30.00
60cm x 60xm / 24"x24" 75.00
100cm x 100cm / 36"x36" 180.00
30cm x 80cm / 12"x31" 75.00
50cm x 70cm / 20"x28" 120.00
60cm x 90cm / 24" x 36" 130.00
90cm x 120cm / 36" x 48" 180.00







We Provide Photography Service!


AsahiArts provides a wide range of both studio & on-site professional 
photography service, including but not limited to:


1. Food Photography
2. Event Photography
3. Company Group Photography
4. Product Photography
5. Facility Photography
6. Fashion Photography

Book a photography session with us now! 





Pick Up & Delivery Services



Delivery Icons-01


Pick Up Point

(Kuching Only, 9am-6pm)

1. Jalan Song Outlet
2. Matang Metrocity Outlet
3. 5th Mile Factory Outlet

Delivery Icons-02


Delivery Services

1. Kuching Area
(Free delivery for purchase of
RM 1000 & above in 1 single order)
2. Sarawak Area
A. by Bus (1-2 days for Sibu,
Miri, Bintulu, Mukah, Sri-Aman, Sarikei)
B. by Courier (1-2 working days)
3. Sabah & West Malaysia
A. by Courier (2-4 working days)





Our daily cut-off time is 4pm on Monday to Friday; 2pm on Saturday.

Any order and payment sent in after cut-off time will be proceeded on the next business day.



To place order, get connect with our customer support,


Fill up the form

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